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Extended Warranties

  • Satisfaction is Guaranteed

  • Every service repair comes with our Warranty so you can rest assured

  • Make sure you ask about our Extended Warranty

Yelp Reviews

  • "...I called at 3pm, they showed up at 5pm...I am now sitting on my couch watching my favorite nightly news program! I'm a very satisfied customer. I wish all home repairs were this easy and efficient."

  • "...They came out to my home late in the evening because my hours of work are very difficult to work around. He even helped me mount the hundred pound TV on the wall."

  • "Our TV broke down on Saturday afternoon, loaned us a TV for the weekend, and was surprised to receive a call on Monday repaired."

Senior Discounts


  • Are you over 60 - Ask us about our Senior Discounts.

  • Don't worry if you have a heavy TV or it's in a difficult place in the home, just let us know and we can help. 

  • If your TV needs a special part, we have loaner TV sets so you never miss your favorite shows. 

Call Us: (714) 540-8200​​
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