Kao's TV Repair Service has been in Orange County since 1981. When we first started our business we fixed TVs, VCRs, Camcorders and more! TV units were big, heavy and sturdy pieces - some of them built better than the new ones today! The TV business was very different then.


Over the years TVs have grown with newer technologies, improved picture and better audio. And every time the industry improved, we did too! Our technicians are constantly taking new courses to keep up to date. 


We pride ourselves of having the best experience in fixing both older and newer TV models. We even still have the skills to fix TV brands that don't exist anymore. We got into this business because we love watching TV: News, movies and sports and we love helping people make sure they can get back to watching TV they love too!

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We cover all of the Orange County and South East Los Angeles areas including:

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